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Eastern Residential, based in Melbourne Victoria, has been conducting Soil Tests for over twenty years and has excellent experience across the requirements for strong building foundations and footings.

When planning to build an extension or new home, a Soil Test and Site Classification report will be required to help determine suitable foundations and footings for your proposed building. 

A Soil Test is also recommended when planning a swimmng pool to determine the sub-surface conditions prior to excavating particularly when close to house footings.

All of our Soil Testing and Reporting is carried out by experienced Geological Engineers and Engineering Geologists, therefore you can be assured of a high quality service where accuracy and professionalism count

Our Soil Reports are concise and accurate to help ensure your design engineer, builder and surveyor are provided with clear information.

Turn-around times: Reports are promptly completed within two days of  field work to help get your project underway.

We are members of Engineers Australia (MIE Aust. Civil), the trusted organisation for engineering in Australia.

We carry comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance and comply with Australian Standards including AS2870-2011. 

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